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Watch the Eric’s Trip Movie now

January 21st, 2013

If you’ve never heard of Moncton’s Eric’s Trip, well, I am hoping some label (wink Sub Pop wink) is currently locked away in a boardroom somewhere wet and rainy, like Seattle, planning to change that. Not only was the band a key component in the great East Coast music explosion of the early ’90s as well as the lo-fi movement, but they released what I consider to be three overlooked classics: Love Tara, Forever Again and Purple Blue. I’ve learned that not everyone agrees with my taste – an ongoing lesson – but the cult of Eric’s Trip is one hungry for some appreciation, especially in the form of reissues… double vinyl with bonus tracks please. I mean, if Matador is digging up Come’s Eleven: Eleven in 2013, then someone has to rescue the catalog of my all-time favourite Canadian band. Sub Pop has pretty much let it run out of print, and I understand: Eric’s Trip didn’t sell. But with the renewed interest in the ’90s and Canada’s ongoing streak of releasing incredible music, even a limited run needs to happen.

Perhaps the new career-spanning documentary, meticulously compiled by defacto frontman Rick White can get the wheels in motion. Featuring footage collected over the years from friends, their vault and the internet, White put together a two-hour film that for the most part tells the band’s six-year history. It must be pointed out that at the 1:16:12 mark, members of the band are interviewed by former MuchMusic VJ Sook-Yin Lee for a little show you may have heard of: The Wedge!

Watch the Eric’s Trip Movie here and then hound Sub Pop to get in the reissue campaign. Email them! (

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