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Watch viral videos from the MUCH VJ Search Top 7!

April 17th, 2013


Today’s challenge for the VJ hopefuls on the MUCH VJ Search is all about viral videos! The hopefuls have been tasked with making their own viral video and getting as many views as possible before tomorrow’s elimination. Check out what the hopefuls had to say about the inspiration behind the videos and check out all seven vids!

Watch new episodes of the MUCH VJ Search Reality Show every Monday to Friday during April at 6E/3P, followed by the live pre-show at 6:30E/3:30P. The winner of the MUCH VJ Search will be crowned on Friday, April 26.


“Hey Kevy, you look like Bobby Lee” and most recently “You look Psy.” When people say these comments to me, I often get offended because it felt like no one wanted to take me seriously. While all my friends get compared to celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, and Justin Timberlake, it just felt discouraging to be compared to someone who isn’t conventionally attractive.

THEN IT HIT ME! WHY AM I BEING SO SHALLOW FOR? PSY has the most amounts of views on YouTube with Gangnam Style and Bobby Lee is well BOBBY FREAKING LEE! I should be thankful that people compare me to such established and successful men. I think the real root of the problem is I myself don’t feel attractive and therefore when I get compared to someone who looks similar to me I don’t want to admit to it because I don’t find them attractive/desirable. So this video is really the first video of me truly embracing my “inner superstar” and basically not giving a poop what others think of me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not comfortable in my own skin, but I think that’s ok because I’m still growing and learning. Here’s a viral video of me dressed up as the dapper PSY dancing to his new single GENTLEMEN because who else knows viral better than PSY.


I have an obsession for things to connect with my life and make sense. So I made my viral about what I’m currently going through. Being a VJ Search finalist, I made my viral video about what I thought the fame of being a VJ hopeful on TV everyday would be like and what it actually is like. I made skits and short films before this whole VJ search started so I got my actors I work with on the regular to guest star in my viral video. Working with my cast is always a good time. Had fun making this video for you guys and you all will love it! Now share it like crazy!


The outline of my viral video is to tie in with MuchMusic’s anti bullying campaign. I figured with everyone doing comedy sketches, I’d turn it up a notch by touching on something with a positive message. Anti-discrimination video is what i came up with and it really relates to MuchMusic’s positive role on stopping bullying and discrimination. I think a lot of people with tattoos are almost pushed into their own category, especially when taken to an extreme like me.

With my video i wanted to cover up and look like how most of society thinks we should all look and what is supposedly normal and for people to see I am a normal guy underneath it all. Revealing my tattoos after about three hours of make up and exposing who I am was amazing. Even just walking out in front of the other contestants with the make up on they were freaked out.

Once people take a few seconds to get to know me and look beyond the tattoos, most people don’t even see them after getting to know me and find it weird when I have them covered. I truly think my video is based on “don’t judge a book by its cover” because you never know how good of a read it could truly be. We are all human, we are all alike, and we all live and breathe the same air. Positive vibes and positive influences on society is what we all need to do more of. Even just look outside the border for a second of what society tells us is right and what society tells us is wrong. My heart is massive, and it gets overlooked from discrimination all the time.

I’m hoping this video will impact everyone from the ages 6 to 90 or even older. Underneath all this ink I’m just as normal as you guys. My body is my own novel and the way I choose to write it is up to me. It’s up to the public to take the time to get into my novel and read in a few chapters before they judge me. My body is my temple and the way I decide to decorate it is up to me :) POSITIVE VIBES AND SPREAD THE LOVE!!! WE ARE ALL EQUAL!!!


Ready for a Wilde viral video? I don’t want to give away too much, but prepare for the unexpected and a possible sweet tooth craving. I wanted to do a video that anyone and everyone could enjoy, a video that showed a different side of me and hopefully get a few chuckles and “WHAAAT” type reactions. For anyone who’s wondering, the arm in the video is none other than Kevy! Lets just say if any hard feelings still existed from the bus elimination, he definitely got them all out of his system! Thanks Kevy :).

A viral video is simple, it’s raw and to me it’s completely random and silly. Kisses.


Hey guys!!! First of all… THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for the support #Ryan4VJ all DAY!!! In this short video I do a funny spoof parkour video making fun of all these serious parkour guys. The challenge is: Most Views wins so PLEASE if you want me to go far in this SHAAAARE this video with all your friends!!! :) Thanks guys!


ALRIGHT LOVE BUGS I decided to use my strength in this video…. Booty poppin! I had SO much fun filming it! I asked my fellow cheerleader friends, the Toronto argonaut girls to be in the video as well! Because really… Who doesn’t love cheerleaders dancing?! :D help me spread the love and share this with everyone you know! I’m NOT GOING HOME! #Alexandria4VJ


Since so many people today, including all of the MuchMusic VJ search contestants, are completely obsessed with Instagram, I decided to poke fun of this in my viral video. I did an over-exaggerated spoof showing how seriously people take Instagram photos and how it can be a little ridiculous at times. From taking endless selfish to not eating your food until you snap the perfect Ig photo, Instagram is taking over peoples lives!

My inspiration for this video was the viral video “shit girls say” and I followed a similar format of shooting a variety of different scenarios. I was honestly making fun of myself in this video and in doing so had a lot of fun with it! I’m addicted to Instagram and I don’t care who knows it! So check out my video, this ones dedicated to all the insty lovers out there! ;)

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