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We Add Ed Sheeran’s ‘Don’t’ To Our List of Amazing Solo Dance Videos

August 4th, 2014

Don't Video Much

Ed Sheeran has released the video for his second single Don’t off his 2014 album Multiply and it’s full of dance moves we will never attempt, but greatly appreciate. The video features 25 year-old former So You Think You Can Dance contestant Phillip Chbeeb, who dances his way from a dirty mattress on the streets of LA to a mansion in Beverly Hills.

We’re not really sure how Chbeeb’s routine relates to Sheeran’s lyrics of betrayal, a song rumoured to be about the singer’s short-lived relationship with Ellie Goulding. In all honesty, we were hoping for something a little more in the vein of Sam Smith’s latest release I’m Not The Only One and it’s cinematic video treatment, but we’re still totally in awe of Chbeeb’s contortionist style of break-dancing.

Ed Sheeran has now found himself and his new video in good company of other music videos that prove one dancer can have the same impact as twenty. Here’s a look at some of our favourite solo dance videos.

1. Weapon of Choice Fatboy Slim

Not many people knew that Christopher Walken had a dance background until Fatboy Slim nabbed the celebrated actor for his Weapon of Choice video. Now the entire world knows, and we’re all impressed. Together, director Spike Jonze and Walken helped Fatboy Slim take home six Moonmen at the 2001 MTV VMAs.

2. Chandelier, Sia

Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler gave one of the most inspired and impressive performances of the year in Sia’s latest video for her single Chandelier. The video is up for Video of the Year and Best Choreography at this month’s MTV Video Music Awards.

3. Virtual Insanity, Jamiroquai

It’s been 17 years since Jamiroquai front man Jay Kay wowed the world with his simple yet visually trippy performance in Virtual Insanity and the video is still making an impact, most recently acting as the inspiration behind Austin Mahone’s music video for Mmm Yeah.

4. Call Your Girlfriend, Robyn

Swedish pop star Robyn fully committed to her one-take dance routine in Call Your Girlfriend, giving a visceral performance that brings the viewer into the singer’s heartbreak.

5. Lonely Boy, The Black Keys

It seems impossible to hear The Black Keys’ Lonely Boy and not want to dance. The original video shot for the duo’s first single off El Camino featured forty extras, but after a series of back and forth disagreements over the video between The Black Keys and their director, the band decided to use only one extra, part-time security guard Derrick T. Tuggle, and call it a day.

6. Lotus Flower, Radiohead

Not only did Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke and his solo dance performance in Lotus Flower get #thomdance trending on Twitter and create the internet meme ‘Dancing Thom Yorke’, it was also nominated for Best Short Form Music Video at the 2012 Grammy Awards.

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