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We created our own #SadBatman memes

May 16th, 2014

Sad Bat Kimye

The first picture of Ben Affleck as Batman was released this week and the internet quickly exploded with the latest meme, #SadBatman. What is #SadBatman, exactly? It’s when you take the original picture:


..and turn it into this.


Or this.


We decided to try our hand at our own #SadBatman memes.

Batman is still sad that Danica McKellar was voted off Dancing With The Stars before Monday’s finale.

Sad Bad DWTS

Batman is sad that his cape got stuck in his seatbelt and some cat saved a little boy before he could be the hero.

Sad Bat Cat

Batmam finished reading The Fault In Our Stars and doesn’t know if he can handle seeing the movie.

Sad Bat Fault

Batman is sad that all the other superheroes except him got an invite to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding. Batman loves weddings.

Sad Bat Kanye

Batman is sad that Matt Damon isn’t playing Robin in the next Batman film.

Sad Bat Matt Damon

Batman wishes Solange and Jay Z would tell everyone what their fight was about. Being left out makes Batman sad.

Sad Batman Solange


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