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We Didn’t Think It Was Possible, But #SharkCat Got Even More Amazing

August 19th, 2014

Shark Cat New

We love sharks here at Much, and we love cats. Here’s our love for sharks. And here’s our love for cats. See?

Putting these two things together makes our hearts explode, which is why we love Shark Cat. If you’re unfamiliar with the feline of the sea, Shark Cat is an incredible animal that spends its day wearing a shark costume and riding a Roomba. Those things are about $500. That’s like riding a Lamborghini in the cat world.

The Shark Cat has even inspired its own theme song, which you can buy on iTunes, because the internet gives wonderful gifts like that.

Now Shark Cat is back and better than ever. Has it ended world hunger? Put an end to war? Figured out what Jay Z and Solange said in the elevator? No, no and I wish.

Instead, the Shark Cat has done the impossible. It’s kept a four month old baby preoccupied for a full minute.

All hail the Shark Cat.

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