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We #MuchLove Phoebe Dykstra

February 7th, 2013

We asked New.Music.Live.‘s Phoebe Dykstra to share some of the best #MuchLove moments in her life and she revealed a lot! Check out her answers below!

First Kiss
Well, my first kiss happened at a bible camp when I was in grade 8! This boy and I had been flirting for the week of camp, he was kind of like my “camp boyfriend” haha. On the last day he kept being like “So where is my kiss?” and I kept being shy. I had snuck over on the boys side of the camp to say goodbye while he was packing up and he grabbed me and stuck his tongue down my throat. It was the most embarrassing thing ever, I had to run away!

Cutest date
For me the cutest dates are the most simple ones. Going for walks, just sitting on my floor talking, but I’ve recently had a couple cute dates with one guy. He came to my house, I made him pizza and we just talked about everything! We hung out with my cat, made a puzzle and he played me some of his music in my living room. For me, simple and real talks are my fav AND you have to like my cat Rei!

Worst Date
I tend to block out most negative things that happen to me but a bad date is when a) the guy doesn’t show up / is late b) smokes c) the conversation doesn’t flow!

Biggest Celeb Crush
Justin Bieber

Perfect Date
It starts in the early afternoon. We take my neighbors dog for a walk down to the lake where we will sit and talk about life. On the way back we go to the movie store across the street and pick up a bunch of movies and snacks. Go back to my house, put on cute matching onesies and watch movies and cuddle and talk all night with my cat. :)

How I’ll spend this Valentine’s Day
Well I’m assuming I’ll go to work where I will have received tons of chocolates and flowers from all our amazing fans (and my mom). I’ll get a ton of super sweet tweets! I’ll Instagram a cute pic of a kitten and go home where I will feel grateful for everything in my life and be okay that I am not with the boy I love. I’ll probably call my best friend Darilyn and tell her I love her too!

Fave Love Song
Plain White T’s, 1,2,3,4

Fave Break-Up Song
Katy Perry, Ur So Gay (I listen to this song if I’m ever mad at a boy and want to get over them, if only for 3 minutes)

Best Romantic Movie
A Walk To Remember

Have you tweeted @MuchMusic us your answer? Check out our #MuchLove site to find some great Valentines Day playlists and to send your sweetie or friend a great Valentine’s Day eCard! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @MuchMusic and Phoebe too @phoebedykstra!

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