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We Place Our Death Bets On Pretty Little Liar’s Tuesday Finale

August 22nd, 2014

PLL Death Poll

Tuesday’s Summer Finale of Pretty Little Liars promises to be a biggie, with producers guaranteeing a death. We feel very weird about being excited over this news, but let’s move on.

In the tiny town of Rosewood, everyone is a suspect and potential future murder victim…unless you’re Hanna, Aria, Spencer, Emily or Alison. Let’s be real, it’s not gonna happen. Eliminating those five names, we’re now left with, well, a lot of names. We place our bets on who will make it out of Tuesday’s Summer Finale with a pulse.

Watch the Summer Finale of Pretty Little Liars this Tuesday at 8E/5P on M3. Catch up online with episodes, galleries, recaps, blogs and more here.

Ezra Fitz

Why He Could Die: Ezra’s already cheated death once after being shot by ‘A’ in the Season 4 finale. He’s been following Alison and ‘A’ for years and has enough dirt to be a threat to both. Plus, Ezria is on shaky grounds and this may be an easy way to finish off the relationship.

Why He Won’t Die: He’s a fan favourite and no one wants to see Aria cry for an entire season. It’s just too sad.

Likelihood of Death: 7 Video Surveillance Cameras


Caleb Rivers

Why He Could Die: Caleb will do anything to protect Hanna and has already made his hatred for Alison clear to her, making him a prime target. Plus, he’s all haunted and stuff from his time at Ravenswood, so he could get spooked and do something stupid.

Why He Won’t Die: It would just be plain mean to bring Caleb back only to kill him off.

Likelihood of Death: 5 Boxes of Stale Pizza


Toby Cavanaugh

Why He Could Die: Toby is finally getting his life on track. He’s come to terms with his mother’s death, he’s joining the police force, and he has a fancy new haircut. Alison and Toby have a long history, and we’re still unclear as to where he stands with current step-sister, former black-mailing-hookup Jenna. Toby has secrets in those abs and someone may want to keep him quiet. Plus, Spoby have never been stronger, making his death a dramatic exit.

Why He Won’t Die: Spencer’s parents are divorcing and she just found out she was an accessory to Bethany Young’s murder. She’s already done the Radley storyline and Toby dying would certainly put her back there.

Likelihood of Death: 6 Exploding Houses


Mona Vanderwall

Why She Could Die: Mona has been living in constant fear since Alison came back from the dead and has even built an army. She’s also worked with ‘A’ in the past, but doesn’t seem to be anymore, possibly because of a falling out. Mona knows secrets, including details about New York, putting her on everyone’s hit list. Mona has also been around from the beginning of the show and her death would be a huge shocker, leaving the four liars eternally confused over whether or not they could trust her.

Why She Won’t Die: Someone needs to be around to outsmart Alison.

Likelihood of Death: 8 Sweater Sets


Jenna Marshall

Why She Could Die: Jenna has survived being blinded by Alison, having her house blown up, losing both Garrett and Shana, and about a million other things. She’s been living on borrowed time.

Why She Won’t Die: Again, Jenna has survived being blinded by Alison, having her house blown up, losing both Garrett and Shana, and about a million other things. She’s indestructible.

Likelihood of Death: 9 Vintage Cars


Noel Kahn

Why He Could Die: He’s dated Mona and he’s helped Alison on the run. At this point, we aren’t sure that even Noel Kahn knows whose team he’s playing for. We do know that he’s taking precautions to distance himself from Alison and is keeping an insurance file to prove she wasn’t kidnapped. That kinda stuff gets you killed in Rosewood.

Why He Won’t Die: Noel has been in the background for all five seasons, making him an easy choice for being the real ‘A’.

Likelihood of Death: 9 Lake House Parties


Melissa Hastings

Why She Could Die: Melissa has left town, or at least she said she has. She could have returned to Rosewood secretly or never made it out alive. She killed Bethany Young and we don’t know what lengths she’s gone to in order to cover up her secret. There’s a good chance she made some big enemies along the way. Plus, she confessed about the murder to Spencer. Confessions (see: Garrett, Shana, Nate) often end in the person dying shortly thereafter.

Why She Won’t Die: We bet Melissa has more secrets to tell and we want to hear them.

Likelihood of Death: 9 Video Confessions


Paige McCullers

Why She Could Die: Paige has pissed off Alison for having dating Emily and for telling the police Alison was alive. She’s also pissed off Mona for joining and then leaving her Anti-Alison Army. Emily now realizes it was a mistake to let Paige go, and if ‘A’ took out her former love, it would crush Emily. She’s a big enough character that it would be a huge shock.

Why She Won’t Die: Paige is an elite swimmer and a badass. There’s a good chance she can handle ‘A’.

Likelihood of Death: 9 Laps of the Butterfly


Mike Montgomery

Why He Could Die: Mike has been dating Mona for a few months, making him an enemy of Alison. He’s Aria’s brother, meaning his death would devastate her and Aria’s parents and friends. Mike is also a character that is always missing when big stuff goes down. Could he be ‘A’?

Why He Won’t Die: The Montgomery’s left town after a cheating scandal, which means they would definitely hit the road if Mike died, taking Aria with them.

Likelihood of Death: 8 Lacrosse Sticks


Lieutenant Tanner and/or Detective Holbrook

Why They May Die: Detective Wilden and Officer Garrett met their makers in earlier seasons. Members of the Rosewood force have a tendency to die after getting involved with the Liars.

Why They Won’t Die: Someone has to figure out where Alison has been for the past two years.

Likelihood of Death: 7 Forced Confessions


Eddie Lamb

Why He Could Die: Eddie knows all the secrets of Radley and as soon as he reached out to Ezra to unload some of these secrets, Eddie went missing. He also tried to help Spencer and we know that helping one of the Liars usually don’t end well for the helper. Much better to be the helpee.

Why He Won’t Die: Eddie may not be a big enough character to carry shock value with his death.

Likelihood of Death: 9 All-White Outfits


Sydney Driscoll

Why She Could Die: Sydney’s been in Rosewood for a minute and we already know she has a past with Jenna and has majorly peeved off Emily. First one in, last one out.

Why She Won’t Die: Like Eddie, Sydney’s death wouldn’t be a huge blow (that sounds soooo mean, but let’s just remember we’re talking about fictional people). Plus, we want to know more about her past with Jenna.

Likelihood of Death: 8 Matching Outfits


Parents of the Liars

Why The Could Die: All five parents of the Liars could easily be ‘A’s next victim. Mrs. DiLaurentis already ended up in the Hastings makeshift backyard cemetery earlier this season and we know that ‘A’ has dirt on all Rosewood residents.

Why They Won’t Die: Mrs. D already died this season, fulfilling the parent-quota.

Likelihood of Death: 9 Parents Who Leave Their Teenagers Alone Way Too Often


Jason DiLaurentis

Why He Could Die: Jason skipped town as soon as Mrs. DiLaurentis was found dead. He has a shady past and only Spencer trusts anything he says. We know he has secrets and we know he wasn’t happy to see his little sister come home.

Why He Won’t Die: No one needs to give Alison any more pity for losing a family member, just a lie detector test.

Likelihood of Death: 8 Half-Siblings


Lucas Gottesman

Why He Could Die: Lucas resurfaced at the beginning of this season just in time to say ‘sup to Hanna, pretend to have a girlfriend, and join Mona’s army against Alison. We know that he’s already breaking rank, making both Mona and Alison his enemies.

Why He Won’t Die: Who will take the yearbook pictures?!

Likelihood of Death: 7 Crushes on Hanna


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