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We reviewed today’s big releases based on their iTunes preview clips

May 13th, 2014

itunes review

Today is album release Tuesday! There are some big records out today including the latest from Michael Jackson’s unreleased archive. But how will you know what to spend your hard earned dollars on? We decided to review some of today’s new releases based on their iTunes previews. Here’s to building opinions off of 20-second snippets!

Michael Jackson — Xscape

I am so on board with this album. Made up of eight unreleased songs, the original versions and the updated versions, the tracks feel like they really span a few incarnations of MJ. The opening track Love Never Felt So Good has the lilting romance of some of his best love songs from the ’80s. It seems like Justin Timberlake’s contribution to the song fits right in to the feel of the album. I guess. Wait…is he even in the preview? It goes by so fast.

Should you buy it: I don’t know what you like. Listen to the clips yourself. It will only take you four minutes.

Dolly Parton — Blue Smoke

Okay, this may be a little out of the Much purview, but whatever. There is a new Dolly Parton album out and I’m going to talk about it, darn it. Heck, Miley likes her which makes her cool, right..? Look at that cover art. I mean, come on. Anyway, this album is some beautiful straight-up Grand Ole Opry country. No Taylor Swift dubstep drops here. She teams up with two of her country icon peers Kenny Rogers and Willie Nelson for two of the album’s stand out tracks. I think. It is hard to know. I mean they sounded pretty good.

Should you buy it: I don’t know? I only listened to six minutes of it. I shouldn’t tell you how to spend your money.

The Black Keys — Turn Blue

The cover of the latest offering from the Ohio blues duo sets you up for the psychedelic diversion this new record takes. But even the more hypnotic tracks still maintain the toe-tapping energy of their past albums. The song, In Our Prime, reflects on what they had when they were at their peak but from the sounds of things, they are still holding strong at the top. From what I heard at least. It’s really hard to judge.

Should you buy it: You want to trust someone who only listened to 30 seconds of each song? Come on! Don’t put that pressure on me.

By Jessica Ford

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