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We sent Ariel to Ibiza to see David Guetta!

October 19th, 2012

We sent Ariel Chiu to Ibiza to see David Guetta and she gave us the full report! Read on here:

“Our trip to Ibiza couldn’t have come at a better time! With work being crazy busy and school assignments piling in, my friend Alesha and I definitely needed a getaway to enjoy ourselves and relax! Although the flight was super long – we had to fly to Frankfurt, then to Madrid and then finally to Ibizia, it was definitely worth it once we got to the island and witnessed the beautiful sunset! Besides, we got to catch up on our zzz’s, watch a ton of movies, and the Lufthansa customer service was excellent!

By the time we checked into the Royal Plaza Hotel it was 9:00 pm and we were starving, so we wandered out into the narrow streets in search of food. The air was so refreshing and warm – we ended up strolling along the harbour boardwalk and wandering into shops as they were still open at 11:00 pm – such a difference from Canadian retailers! After exploring our surroundings, we decided to call it a night as we were pretty tired from all the flying so we headed back to our hotel. Our room was quaint and inviting – the bathroom was lovely and we even had our own balcony with lounge chairs!

Unfortunately, when we woke the next morning, the sky was filled with dark angry clouds and it was pouring rain! Neither of us had brought any warm clothes so this was a bit of an issue! We decided to brood over it at the breakfast buffet in the hotel – which had the most divine croissants! Luckily, the rain let up and it was still rather humid outside (weird Mediterranean weather I suppose) so we weren’t too cold and decided to explore the old part of Ibiza called D’alt Vila. There were tons of neat little gift shops and we came across a castle as well, so we went in and walked all the way to the top. It was pretty steep and quiet the workout but the view was totally worth it! Even though it was a pity that the sun wasn’t out, we still managed to get some pretty great shots – I got to test out the panorama function of the iPhone IOS 6 upgrade and Alesha found a stray kitten!

That night, we were getting pretty stoked for the David Guetta concert at Pacha nightclub. We got ready but since the nightlife doesn’t start until midnight there, we didn’t get to the actual club until after 12:00 pm, and even then, the night was just starting! The club was massive – easily the biggest club I’ve been in. It had multiple levels and even an open terrace – you’d walk through one door and it’d take you into another room that was like being in another club! We found out that David Guetta’s set didn’t actually start until 4:00 am, but the time flew by with dancing, drinks and laughter. By the time David Guetta started, the club was packed so tightly that it was actually difficult to move! There were probably more than 5000 people packed in the club that night since it was the F*** Me I’m Famous closing party, and it was definitely a new experience that neither of us will forget! Ladies, Ibiza definitely has no shortage of good looking European guys!

We spent the rest of our trip going shopping in the boutiques as well as familiar retailers such as Zara, and enjoying great food outdoors and the beautiful beaches! We also managed to add another tourist attraction to our itinerary and explored the Puig des Moins ruins that housed an underground tomb! The four days we were in Ibiza definitely flew by way too fast because before we knew it, we were packing our luggage and checking out of the hotel at 6:00 am on Sunday and heading to the airport. Another 14 hours of flight was ahead of us but luckily we both needed the time to catch up on some much needed rest from all the late nights out. With layovers in Barcelona and Montreal, it was Sunday night by the time we arrived back home in lovely Vancouver.

Overall, we definitely had an amazing time in Ibiza and we want to thank MuchMusic for sponsoring such an awesome contest and taking such great care of us prior to our departure! After all, not many people can say they’ve partied in Ibiza at a David Guetta concert so thank you!”

Keep checking up on’s Contest section so you can win an amazing experience like Ariel and check out the video for David Guetta’s track I Can Only Imagine featuring Chris Brown here!

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