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We think Broad City’s Ilana and Lincoln perfect for each other

March 12th, 2014

ilana and lincoln

We knew it from the very first scene of Broad City that characters Ilana and Lincoln were the perfect couple. The man allowed this woman to have sex while Skyping her BFF — not only is that strangely romantic (y’know, if you’re into that kind of thing), but it also shows off an insurmountable amount of trust already built between the two. Some of us won’t even let our significant others eavesdrop on our phone convos let alone invite them into it MID-SEX.

Anyway, Ilana and Lincoln are definitely the power couple of Broad City…except they’re not like together-together. And it’s totally acceptable as Ilana’s still super young and doesn’t want a serious relationship just yet, but when she is, Lincoln will be there to save her from garbage bagels and homelessness! (Sorry Abbi, we totally love you and your hottie neighbour Jeremy, but our bet is totally on Ilana and Lincoln to make things official first.)

Not convinced? Here, let us tell you the many reasons why Ilana and Lincoln are our dream couple:

They seriously respect each other.

Ilana clearly likes her sweets…

So who better to take care of her than a dentist!

Lincoln also has thing for sweets though, of course.

He also knows how to treat her right.

They include Ilana’s BFF Abbi into everything they do. Like, everything.

Lincoln teaches Ilana new things every day.

He’d clearly do anything for those he cares most about.

They both have the same sense of humour.

They’re super talented together and good at teamwork, such as this talent show act they put together:

And they totally clean up nicely, don’t they? If they got married like this, we’d be okay with it.

Find out why Ilana and Lincoln are all dressed up in tonight’s episode of Broad City, which you can catch on Much at 10:30E/7:30P!

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