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We’re Celebrating TGIF, But It’s Already Saturday For Rebecca Black!

June 17th, 2011

Today is Friday, but that means nothing anymore to Rebecca Black. And it’s about time. After weeks and weeks and of hate mail and even more hate mail, the – and I’m gonna use the word “alleged” here - the alleged singer has removed her video for “Friday” from YouTube.

But the decision wasn’t because she finally came to her senses about what a flipping stupid ill-advised song choice it was. Instead, she’s taken in down due to a dispute with teen pop record label and song writing firm Ark Music.

The firm behind the song is rumoured to list “Friday” as a video rental on the website, meaning viewers would have to pay $2.99 to watch it. This does not sit right with Black’s reps, so they’ve pulled the video until further notice.

Would you pay to hear it? Would you even listen if it was still free?

You can check out Rebecca Black in Katy Perry’s new video “Last Friday Night” right HERE on MuchMusic!

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