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What’s In Your Crystal Ball? 2011 Predictions!

December 30th, 2010

It’s a new year a little over 24 hours so we’d better gear up for a fresh season of scandals, train wrecks, Kanye outbursts….and maybe some positive stuff too! (but really, who wants to see that?)

What do you think 2011 will hold for us? Can we top a year that gave us a Kanye West movie, a Bieber appearance at the MMVAs, or the peak of the vampire craze?

Read on and find out!

1. The Land of TV
: I predict things will heat up Gossip Girl with the new pairing of Dan and Blair (I can just hear the love-hate arguments now). And for all you gleeks out there remember this: Mr. Shue slept with his ex-wife recently when he was sick. Can you say “along with Will with a baby carriage!”? How do you think Emma might handle that? For TVD fans I think we’ll finally see Klaus, and my guess is Katherine will stick around as someone’s GF – but whose; Damon or Stefan?

2. The Airwaves of Music: Stay tuned for albums galore as artists are gearing up to make sure they top 2010. The long awaited Avril Lavigne album is due out next year plus Drake and Lady Gaga are following up their debut albums with brand new visions for their second offerings later in the year (I smell tons of collaborations!). Speaking of collaborations, this is by biggest prediction for 2011: a duet between Katy Perry and Rihanna. They’ve garnered a lot of attention in the public eye this year and they’ve each owned a few of the best summer hits in the past decade. So what’s the next step in their rise to global stardom? A summer team-up so hot we better turn on our barbeques from now! Or so I hope!!! Plus, 2011 claims to be a year of cheaper concert tickets (due to dismal 2010 sales) so let’s head out and see as many as we can!

3. The Pages of Books
: With the amount of books turning into successful TV shows, I predict more of your favourite stories (and I’m talking picture books, comics books, graphic novels, short stories, whatever you pick up and read) will be captured and turned live action on the small screen. Already, a companion show for The Vampire Diaries is in the works by the same author. And with Narnia, Harry Potter, and Twilight all wrapping up, the hunt is on for the next literary phenomenon to hit the shelves. I’d start scanning Indigo if I were you and get a leg up on everyone else!

4. The Reels of Movies: Where do I even begin? There’s the lead up to the Avengers which deserves its own blog post in my humble opinion, with this year’s Thor and Captain America. But the biggest battle will be between the two biggest franchises winding down: there will be a HUGE competition between what rakes in more money – Potter-heads or Twi-hards as the final pictures hit the screen in 2011. But the trend I see taking the place of all these huge franchises? Scary movies. Like Freddy Kruger scary movies. Just like Scream did in 1996, I predict the fourth installment will usher in a new era of slasher films (so hopefully we can say good-bye the current era of torture films!).

5. The Glamour of Celebs: It’s all about that capital K! The Kardashians will surpass Paris, Lauren and Nicole as the most famous socialites in L.A. Think about it: there are more of them, they don’t come off as full of themselves (to me anyways, not like Paris) and their show is about family, not one particular sister, so the coverage is fair and not boring. These are the faces of the new leading ladies of reality television.

What do you think will make headlines next year?

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