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What Is Missing From O-Town Without Their Angel

July 31st, 2014

Shannon Durig Celebrates Her 1,000th Performance In "Hairspray"

When we didn’t include Ashley Parker Angel in our O-Town Instagram round-up it was a huge mistake. A mistake I didn’t realize until this blog from came through my inbox. Yes, Ashley Angel is a beefcake and wants us all to know it. A quick scroll through his Instagram shows that abs is the most prominent theme, followed by pictures of his kid and throwback pictures. But what the heck else is he up to?

Shannon Durig Celebrates Her 1,000th Performance In "Hairspray"

Every time I tell anyone about the O-Town reunion, they are usually mostly neutral or mildly curious. But the way to get people really riled up is to mention that Ashley Parker Angel isn’t part of the reunion. People with even the most passing knowledge of the band know of the cute, blonde one whose last name, “cannot really be Angel.” It isn’t. He was born Ashley Ward Parker. And that is really what is absent (Get it? AB-sent?) from the new incarnation of O-Town. The one person everyone knows.

I don’t mean to imply that the others are less important. Personally Ashley never was my favourite. I was all about Jacob and then all about Trevor. Update: I’m now all about Erik. And after listening to Skydive, the vocals are still gelling pretty well without the fifth member. But if you think that all boy band members are created equally, well you haven’t spoke to anyone who is Team Niall. They are really really Team Niall.

When Jacob was asked about why Ashley wasn’t part of the reunion, he said, “There have been times when we couldn’t do it as we were all at different stages in our lives. For this last one, everybody could do it expect for him. After 10 years, it’s perfect timing, and we had to ask, ‘Do we not do this at all or do we do it as four?'” And the answer they made was, go for the 90’s nostalgia boys!

106.7 FM Presents "Broadway In Bryant Park" 2007

As for what Ashley is up to now, it is a little hard to tell but I would love to know. A few years back I went to see Hairspray on Broadway in New York when Ashley was playing the role of Link I was nearly devastated (nearly) when I learned that the understudy was standing in for him that night. Since then, he’s done some acting, some modelling, singing on a project called Mansions of Arcadia and a few months ago he posted a picture of him in studio. He also has a new official site coming soon. So that is nice. And it is his birthday tomorrow.

But the main lesson that can be learned from Ashley not being part of the reunion is that O-Town doesn’t stand by their word. They really aren’t All or Nothing. (Pun pun pun pun punny pun)

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