What is your celeb style of bungee jumping?

February 25th, 2014

Bungee Jumping Degrassi

On tonight’s brand new episode of Degrassi airing at 9E/6P on Much and MTV, Drew and Clare decide to take the plunge. No, we’re not in store for another shocking kiss from these two (Dare, Clew?). It’s time for bungee jumping! Drew and Clare are going with the oh-so-romantic bungee form of ‘let’s do this hugging in case we die’, but there are many ways to bungee jump. Which celeb style of bungee jumping is your fave?

The One Direction

If you think the best way to cap off a day of bungee jumping is to be mobbed by 15 year old girls, The One Direction style is for you!

The Zac Efron

A frequent bungee jumper (what do you expect from a guy with a Yolo tattoo?), Efron is so confident with his bungee skills that he can dismount with a flip. I think I just peed a little watching this video.

The Hedley

If you like to sing inspirational songs while trusting a cord with your life, then the Hedley style of bungee jumping is for you!

The Beyoncé

Style: Flawless.

The Justin Bieber

The Canadian singer did his first bungee jump back in the day with his momma, which really saves time on lying to your parents about where you’re going for the day and then trying to calm them down after you tell them you jumped off a bridge.

The Miley Cyrus

Cyrus actually upped the terrifying ante when she bypassed bungee jumping for sky diving, an event that was chronicled in Rolling Stone Magazine. If you’re into twerking and swearing your way out of a plane, The Miley Cyrus is for you.

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