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What was Haylor thinking during their New Years kiss?

January 3rd, 2013

Admit it: you probably wondered what it would be like to kiss Harry Styles on the lips. Well guys, we have it! A video of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles planting a big ol’ kiss on each other to ring in the new year. And they say that the way you spend New Years is how you’ll spend the rest of the year. So you know what that means, right? We’ve got a 2013 filled with Haylor to look forward to. But we can’t help but wonder what these two were thinking about while giving each other smooches?

Behold! Ten ten thoughts running through Haylor’s mind during their New Years kiss:

10. ‘I wonder what Niall is doing?’
9. ‘I hope my dad doesn’t see this. Wait, is that a Jumbotron?’
8. ‘There are too many security guards watching us kiss right now.’
7. ‘I knew he’d be Trouble…’
6. ‘She has really pretty hair.’
5. ‘He has really pretty hair.’
4. ‘You think Joe Taylor John Jake can see us now?’
3. ‘Her lips are pretty RED right now,’
2. ‘There’s probably a million girls on Twitter sending me hate messages right this very second…’
1. ‘This won’t end up on YouTube, right?’

Check out the video below of the New Years Haylor kiss and give us your best thoughts on Haylor in the comments section below.

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