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What would celebrities be like at prom?

June 2nd, 2014


Prom is a once in a lifetime event that you will probably, for some reason or another, remember for the rest of your life. It is the accumulation of four years of laughs, all night study sessions, and bogus lessons you know will never benefit you in the real world, I’m talking about you calculus. It’s a night for you to dress up, spend time with your friends, and just have fun. Prom is basically the Oscars of high school, minus all the boring awards no one really cares about. And while you’re deciding on the perfect hairstyle and prettiest corsage, we thought it would be fun if we imagined what it would be like if some of our favorite celebs went to prom.

Miley Cyrus: The Life of the Party
Miley would be the girl who partied a little too hard. She would be the girl who gets the party started by spiking the punch and would eventually end up twerking on the principal.

giphy (1)

Taylor Swift: The Selfie Queen
Taylor would spend the night trying to break the record for most selfies in one night. She would document the night by taking numerous pictures trying to make sure to get at least one picture with everyone. She would then end her night by gathering her bffs and awkwardly dance. She did not bring a date to prom, but that’s okay because she still had a good time.

giphy (7)

Jennifer Lawrence: The Photobomber
Just how Taylor is on a mission to take as many selfies as possible, Jennifer is spending prom trying to photobomb as many pictures as she can. She’s using her goofy and awkward personality to add a little humour to prom-goers photos.

giphy (3)

Harry Styles: The Womanizer
Harry is the date that will look good in photos and be a perfect gentleman but once the lights go down and the music starts the womanizer is released. He’s the guy who will end up hooking up with another girl, leaving his date to dance alone.

giphy (6)

Justin Bieber: The Party Crasher
Justin was suspended from school and banned from prom but still ended up crashing only to be kicked out and him egging limos in the parking lot.

giphy (5)

Rihanna: The After Party
Rihanna is wearing the most revealing and fabulous dress. She is so over all the prom festivities and sits there with her friends bored. She would rather move on to the super cool after party she’s hosting.


Beyonce: The Prom Queen
Beyonce would be crowned the prom queen and would make a gracious speech making everyone feel special, very reminiscent of the infamous Mean Girls scene. However, she will still let everyone know she is queen and they should all bow down.


Zac Efron: The Prom King
Zac is the guy with the golden smile and kind personality. Much like his High School Musical counterpart he is well liked by everyone. He is voted prom king because everyone adores him, but also because he looks really good in his tux.

giphy (2)

Drake: The Stage 5 Clinger
Drake would be the perfect gentleman. He’d pick his date up on time, match his tie to their dress, and even gift them with a beautifully written and heartfelt poem, which he would recite in the limo. But Drake would be overly attached. Literally stitched to his date’s side. He’s beside her in every photo, won’t dance with anyone else, and patiently waits for her outside the bathroom.

giphy (4)

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