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What your dad really wants this Father’s Day

June 14th, 2014


With Father’s Day approaching on Sunday many people are still struggling with what to get their dad for his big day. Should you buy him some random electronic device that no one really needs, or indulge his culinary side with a grilling cook book? The answer is neither. Sure your dad will enjoy a wireless dolphin mouse, whatever that is, or a new recipe for grilling hamburgers, but that’s not what he really wants. So save your time buying a tacky necktie your dad will probably never wear, and get something that’s actually on his wishlist. Here’s a list of what your dad really wants for Father’s Day. As an added bonus they’re all pretty inexpensive.

1. The couch to himself

There’s nothing your dad would like more than to have the couch all to himself with no interruptions.

giphy (4)

2. Full access to the TV

Along with the couch comes the TV. that’s right it’s time to relinquish the remote – don’t worry it’s just for one day, you can resume watching Pretty Little Liars on Monday. I’m sure your dad will enjoy watching a soccer game, or episode of Storage Wars or whatever it is dads watch. Hey, if your dad’s cool he can always check out the Much Music Video Awards this Sunday at at 9E/6P on Much, CTV and CTV GO


3. Chores done

Treat your dad by doing all his household chores for the week. Sure it’ll be annoying but it’s less expensive than an iPad.

giphy (5)

4. Sleep

It’s not easy raising you, so let your day have some rest. He deserves it.


5. A break in his diet

Your dad spends the majority of time sticking to his diet restrictions, but this is his day. Let him binge eat a steak and potatoes. Trust me, he’ll love you for it. Bonus if you let him eat in bed.

giphy (3)

6. A movie marathon

In case there happens to be nothing on TV watch a movie marathon with your dad. I’m sure you can find a Tom Cruise action flick on Netflix.


7. Some alone time with mom

This really doesn’t need any explanation, just make sure you’re far away from your house.

giphy (2)

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