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What’s With Artists Slumming it in Music Videos?

August 15th, 2014


In Iggy Azalea’s new music video “Black Widow”, the blonde Aussie chops up a salad in a diner and has to deal with demanding customers. That got me thinking: artists they love to portray “regular folks”. Have any of them ever taken a family’s order over brunch or filled out a time sheet on Excel? Possibly but probably not. Especially since a lot of these ladies have been pro entertainers since they were very young, so kudos for even trying.

Music videos are meant for artists to live out their wildest fantasies, and if those fantasies  involve bleak office backdrops and restaurants that barely passed the health inspection, then so be it! Here are some of the least likely jobs of modern pop stars.

1. Waitress, as played by Iggy Azalea in “Black Widow”:

It’s guaranteed that wherever Iggy goes, people cater to her, not the other way around. But she does rock that white apron well.


2. Office administrator, as played by Hilary Duff in “Chasing the Sun” and Taylor Swift in “Ours”:

Hilary is seen leading a financial presentation. Has she ever held a dry erase pen in her life?


Does Taylor Swift know how to fix the toner? We all know IRL she’d get at least 3 assistants to fix that problem. And then bake a cake.


3. Bartender, as played by Cher Lloyd in “I Wish”:

Cher Lloyd’s working the closing shift at an overcrowded bar but she can barely balance one cup on her tray! Club goers can be demanding. What happens when the keg runs empty, Cher?! Where’s that dark & stormy I ordered an hour ago?


4. Police officer, as played by Beyonce in “If I Were a Boy”:

While Queen Bey knows Michelle and Kelly, does she know what the Miranda rights are?


5. Nurse, as played by Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj in “Up Out My Face”:

NO matter how cute the outfits are, thee two can’t trick us into thinking they know where to insert a catheter and how to place a bedpan.


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