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Which Backstreet Boy has aged the best?

May 23rd, 2014

BSB then now

The Backstreet Boys Just Got Paid (oh wait that is an *NSYNC song) a cool $750,000 by a Swedish Costco-esque store to star in their commercial. The commercial is a rewritten take on their hit Larger Than Life now called Lager Than Life. Lager means warehouse in Swedish. Got it? The commercial is actually really slick and a very fun watch. But it got me thinking, who has aged the best in BSB? I have to say, while putting this together, my preferred order hasn’t really changed that much. Take a look at the commercial and our pics for the most well aged Backstreet Boy.

5. Brian Littrell
Okay, before you start throwing all of your b-rocks at me, this is based on overall change over time. There was once a day when a 13-year-old girl who likes her boys a little baby-faced (not me) would be hard pressed to pick between Brian and Nick. They were both sooooo cuuuuuute. But while Nick has aged far better than his famous bro Aaron, Brian is looking a bit dad-ish. Which makes sense. He is a dad. Keep on dadding it up, Brian. We support you! Also, he made more money on this commercial than the other band members because he helped with the rewrite so he isn’t sad.

BSB Brian

4. Howie Dorough
Now, let’s be honest here. It was very difficult to judge what he looks like now based on this commercial. Not. Too. Many. Close-ups. But luckily, I did meet the Backstreet Boy not too long ago when he was on New.Music.Live. and I got to see his face in person. He really has not aged much at all. If anything he looks pretty much the exact same as he did in the BSB heyday. Some may argue is now. I mean, they have a cruise. He only lands at number 4, because as I am about to argue, I think the remaining three have *wait for it* gotten HOTTER with age.

BSB Howie

3. Nick Carter
One day I was crossing the street by the Eaton Centre in Toronto and Nick Carter was crossing past me in the opposite direction. Not only did my stomach and heart flutter like it was 1999, but Nick Carter looked like it was 1999. Only better! Now, anyone familiar with the Carter family knows that that family has gone through a lot. (Like another Carter family we know, *Met Ball kick to the face*) But Nick has gotten through it with that little brother of the band sense of humour and a big smile. He became a man when we weren’t looking during that time in high school that we decided we were too cool for BSB and got into an emo-phase. *SCREAMING INFIDELITIES, AND TAKING ITS WEAR* Real. Talk. But I’m back on it, baby. BSB 4EVA.

BSB Nick

2. Kevin Richardson
Long considered the mom favourite, Kevin’s grown-up face now has an appeal that we couldn’t appreciate back when we wanted all boys to look like what the human version of baby Simba from The Lion King would look like. But after a few heartbreaks and a couple of regrets, those take-me-seriously eyebrows and gentle eyes feel like home. Kevin took a hiatus from the band but is now back. I personally could not be happier. And you know what, now that he is back, I think it is time to petition for Kevin to have more lines in their songs. Sign it here: White House Bound!

BSB Kevin

1. A.J. “F-in” McLean
I think in some weird meandering way, my current music taste can all be tracked back to me loving A.J. from the Backstreet Boys and loving Mel B. from the Spice Girls. I liked my pop stars bad. I was also a Jacob from O-Town girl. Obvs. But, COME ON! That bearded face in that fitted suit. Dancing! Yes, puh-leaze. Like, Nick, he is another “Boy” to have lived the hard life and come out the end a better man. He even gets a front and centre spot for the climactic dance number in the commercial. Press your red pocket square A.J. It is date night!


By Jessica Ford

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