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Which member of O-Town has aged the best?

May 28th, 2014

otown before after

Plenty of groups have reunited in the past few years, especially boy bands of the past decade, but one that we didn’t really see coming was O-Town. The group, who was a product of the reality TV show Making The Band, had a short-lived career but reconvened their boy band career in 2011.

Today, O-Town released a new song called Skydive from their third album, Lines & Circles (out August 3) and we were wondering: which member of O-Town aged the best? Much like our scientific look at the members of Backstreet Boys, we examined the men of O-Town and here were our results.

Also, check out Skydive below!

5. Trevor Penick
Some members of O-Town have aged very well, to the point of looking even younger than they did in the early 2000’s and Trevor is not one of them. Even though we appreciate the lack of frosted tips nowadays, we’re not so sure Trevor’s new haircut works either. That being said, he is working some serious Ricky Martin vibes in the photo below and that’s always meant to be a compliment.

o town trevor

4. Erik-Michael Estrada
To be honest, Erik hasn’t aged much, which is a good thing. And bonus, he got rid of that weird soul patch! But when it comes to the members of O-Town, Erik takes a bit of a backseat to the bigger personalities of the group much like the Howie of the bunch.


3. Jacob Underwood
I think we all remember those dreads. Some of you were into it, I totally hated them. But now that Jacob has shed the dreads, he looks amazing!

o town jacob

2. Dan Miller
Dan’s barely aged and we want to know his secret. The only significant differences between Dan from a decade ago and today is that he’s no longer wearing see-through tank tops and he’s maintained great facial hair.

o town dan

1. Ashley Parker Angel
Ashley is the only one in the group who didn’t return for the O-Town reunion and, honestly, it might be a good move for Ashley. Look at how much he’s grown up. Damn, right? The heartthrob of the group went from looking like a Moffatt or Hanson brother to being a modern hunk. Raise your hand if you’d be more interested in a new Ashley Parker Angel solo album than you would the O-Town reunion. Exactly. Ashley, you win.

o town angel

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