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Who Needs Wonder Woman on TV Anyways?

October 4th, 2010

Rumour has it Wonder Woman is hitting the small screen. And now critics say it’s about time since most female action-led shows fail. I SAY what the hell are they talking about? We’ve got a slew of hot new heroines kicking butt and doing it without wearing only a corset and booty shorts.

I’m all for the most recognizable female comic superhero getting the attention she deserves (after Joss Whedon ditched her for the mostly-male led Avengers) and the new show will probably be good as it’s by David E. Kelly (of Ally McBeal, The Practice and Boston Public fame AND he’s Mr. Catwoman – the husband of Michelle Phiffer). But I think we’ve got an OUTSTANDING crop of sexy, powerful, a**kicking ladies ready to throw down and pave their own way on both the big screen and the small screen.

Here are my picks for five current female action-heroes in pop culture today (well, four heroes and one villain but eh – Whattareyagonnado?). Let me know if I’ve missed your favourite femme fatale or if we need to add Wonder Woman to the mix:

Nikita: The Covert-Spy

Maggie Q: ethnic, hot as hell and ready to take down the government agency that used her to kill. As Nikita, she’s trained to pistol-wipe you to your knees and apply poisonous lipstick: whichever works to bring down her opponents. She’s determined to bring down a government agency that trains orphans to become killers and she’s determined to do it by any means necessary and while looking impeccably gorgeous (something her handler’s also trained her in to use as a weapon…can someone say backfire?). She drives the action in the show and she’s got us tuning in each week to see how she kicks butt.

Plus she’s got a sidekick – the young girl Alex may be a young recruit but she’s no dummy – she’s working with Nikita to bring down the assassin training system from the inside.

Katherine Pierce: The B***h You Love to Hate

Nina Dobrev plays sweet innocent Elena Gilbert (actually fiery and headstrong is more like it) but she doubles as Katherine, the evil villain and ex of the brothers Salvatore. She’s no stranger to torture, chopping off your limbs, betraying and killing every single person she thought of as family (yes, she did that!) and can do it all while polishing her nails. She’s as quick with her wit as she is with murder. She’s the villain you love to hate as you can’t stand the fact she’s so evil and powerful…but you root for her because she has so much fun doing it. She’s going to cause trouble but you also love her because you know it’s for a reason: she truly does love one of the Salvatores.

Plus she’s got a (take your pick) sidekick/minion – Caroline Forbes. Yes, she murdered her and turned her into a vampire, but they’re making for a deadly female-villain combo pack.

Alice: The Eternal Fighter of Zombies

Milla Jovovich has played her in four movies already…with a fifth one on the way. If that’s not a successful franchise I don’t know what is. She’s one of the last humans standing in a world brought down by a disease that turns you into a zombie. She’s fought hundreds of the undead, watched friends die and the world collapse all around her and yet she pulls out her guns, her knives, her wit, and her killer good looks and continues to hunt the ones responsible.

And over the course of the films she’s allied herself with another powerful female, Claire Redfield (Ali Larter), one of the original characters from the video game.

Hermione Granger: Brainy Book-smarts

She may not be able to shoot a gun, but boy can she point that wand! Not even a child of the wizarding world (both her parents are human) Emma Watson‘s Hermione Granger quickly becomes the pupil no one has seen before: able to pick up spells in a snap, use her wits to get out of deadly situations and finish all her homework and assignments on time while battling Lord Voldemort and keeping friends Harry and Ron alive. That’s a lot of work for a girl who’s commonly looked at as the “brainer” of the group.

No sidekick here – Hermione holds her own in a world corrupt with male wizards.

Marti Perkins: The Athlete

Athletes aren’t just on TSN or on Friday Night Lights. Football jocks aren’t the only guys who know about putting in endless hours pushing their bodies and practicing until they’re the best athletes they can be: Hellcats has that written all over it. What, afraid to watch a show about cheerleading? Believe me, this is not a show about the girls who dote on their athletic boyfriends and cheer them on during the games. This is a show about training, putting in endless hours pushing your bodies and practicing until you’re the best you can be. And Alyson Michalka’s Marti Perkins’ learning as the rest of us cheerleading is so much more than just a “girl” thing. You’ve got to be an athlete first!

Not just one sidekick – but a whole team of Hellcats, boys and girls, are proving this is a sports show about a stereotypical “girl” sport that’s proving us wrong one episode at a time.

So what do you think? Are these females enough? Do we need Wonder Woman? Have I missed any women currently rocking their power on the big or small screen?

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