Who was Pete Wentz checking out at The Big Jingle?

December 13th, 2013


Much Digital team member Aimee got a little surprise when she was backstage taking photos at Much Presents: The Big Jingle. It involves Pete Wentz and his smouldering eyes. Let’s make #petewentzeyez a thing, okay? Check out her story here:

My name is Aimee and I work at Much.

Besides once sharing a stairwell with Daniel Radcliffe, to answer the most common question I get: no, generally speaking, I don’t really meet famous people. I get to see them perform when they come to the studio but it’s not like I get to go right up to them and shake their hands and tell them how much I love their music/watch their show/have drooled over them since I was thirteen.

But what I do get to do is take their picture.

I was working backstage-backstage at Much Presents: The Big Jingle this past weekend. I mean “backstage-backstage” because I wasn’t taking photos or videos of the performers, I was taking photos of them getting their photos and getting interviewed so you guys at home could see what it’s like.

When Fall Out Boy came backstage I smiled politely at Patrick Stump and let the guys in production do their thang, taking their own photos and video of the band so they could make fun things like this:

Or this:


And this:


Later on that day I was scrolling through the photos when I locked eyes with Pete Wentz. Or rather, Pete Wentz was locking eyes with me.


And then I locked eyes with him again!


That’s when I realized…Pete Wentz is in love with me!

giphy (33)

And again with the Christmas decorations! But he looks like he’s mad at me…


And again. Still slightly mad. Kinda like when Edward Cullen first met Bella? Like, it pains him to love me so much.


Come on! None of the other dudes are even looking my way.


It’s okay, Pete. I know it wasn’t meant to be too. You’re dating the mega-hot Meagan Camper. And you two are the cutest thing ever.

Sigh. A girl can dream, right? We’ll always have The Big Jingle, Pete.



Much Presents: The Big Jingle featured artists like Fall Out Boy, Icona Pop, Ylvis, Serena Ryder, Fefe Dobson, Mia Martina, Hedley, and Down With Webster rocking out onstage! If you missed the party on Saturday, check out our Big Jingle site here for online exclusives all week until the broadcast on-air December 14 at 6E/3P only on Much!

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