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Who You should root for in the World Cup

June 19th, 2014


In case the raucous screams and the extensive amount of sports jerseys walking about were not clue enough, the World Cup is in full force. And if you’re like me, than you could really care less. But for some reason people seem to really infatuated by the World Cup. It’s only day eight of the soccer tournament, with 24 days left. That means 24 more days of hearing vuvuzelas, seeing the flags on car windows, and watching games in bars. But the worst thing for any non-World Cup fan is the constant questions about “who’s your team?” It’s like everyone assumes you’re keeping up with the World Cup. And apparently “the team with the cutest players” isn’t a sufficient reply. But don’t worry. Luckily someone has taken pity on us non-World Cup fans and created this handy info-graphic to help dodge all those “what team are you following?” questions.

Click here for the larger image.


Now that you officially have a “team” to root for hopefully World Cup-ers will stop pestering you. Just a little advice maybe you should do a little research on your team, in case there are any follow up questions.

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