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Who’s having a Hard Time tonight?

June 7th, 2010

Hard Times

The Hard Times of RJ Berger premieres tonight on MuchMusic at 10pm ET. It’s a hilarious comedy about embarrassing teenagers with even more embarrassing friends and parents. What’s more high school than that? So that you’re not left with your pants down when your favourite new show premieres tonight, you’re gonna wanna know the players. I mean, playas. Cuz, they’re super hood. Not!

Click on the jump to prolong the awkwardness!

RJ Berger


Our fearless leader of the show would be a lil more fearless if he wasn’t so terrified of everything. His parents are over-the-top swingers, his best friend Miles wants to use RJ’s manly member as the literal key to the cool club, and his only other friend, Lily, should be arrested for her constant sexual assault of RJ. Yay bff’s!

Miles Jenner


What happens with the ticket to eternal high school coolness has been chillin’ in your besties pants? Use it for everything you can! Miles is constantly documenting the rise to celebrity status of RJ and himself on his video camera. I hope he has a lot of film. This could take a while.

Lily Miran


If Jersey Shore’s The Situation and Sarah Silverman had a baby (weird!) it would be Lily. Hilarious, sexually aggressive with a touch, okay, a slab of nerdiness, Lily is RJ’s friend who wants to be RJ’s ‘friends with benefits’. She would probably even settle for getting rid of the friends part and just keeping the benefits.

Jenny Swanson


Jenny Swanson is ‘that’ girl. The one who never has a bad hair day, has parents who are loaded with cashola, a hawt boyfriend and a ton of friends. She even has RJ’s heart. The last part’s not that exciting.

Max Owens


Resident d bag and all around giant tool, Max Owens takes it upon himself to torment RJ’s life. And date the girl RJ is in love with. And be the star of the basketball team. And be the hottest guy in school. Srsly, why he gotsta be so mean to RJ??


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