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Why “Fancy” Deserves its Song of the Summer Crown

September 4th, 2014


Song of the summer is a title reserved for only the greatest, most fun, and catchiest songs that dominated airwaves and got stuck in your head over the four glorious months that were summer. It’s the song that you couldn’t stop singing and you snapchatted dancing to while driving to the beach. In the past the title of “song of the summer” has gone to addictive songs like California Gurls, Blurred Lines, and Call Me, Maybe. But this year there was one song to rule them all. One song that was just fancier than the competition. And that song was none other than Iggy Iggs Fancy.

Billboard has stated that Fancy reigned number 1 on the Hot 100 chart for seven weeks and another six weeks in the top five, crowning it the summer song of 2014. Now while there’s no denying Fancy is a great song, some people are questioning it as song of the summer. Yes, Fancy is super overplayed and may make you want to stab someone if you hear it again, but don’t pretend like you don’t know all the words. Compared to other songs released this summer Fancy was the undeniable best. So if you’re spewing hate towards Iggy and her classic song then you can just swerve. Here are all the reasons why Fancy deserves to be the song of the summer.

1. The song starts and when you hear that beat you immediately become possessed. Your body is taken over by a dancing spirit. YAAASSS IGGY!

200 (3)

2. Then Iggy starts rapping and you realize that she may be the baddest b–ch ever. And just listening to this song makes you a bad b–ch. Basically this is the bad b–ch anthem the world needs.

200 (1)

3. Now Charli XCX is singing the chorus and you’re overcome by emotions. Yes you are correct, I AM so fancy.


4. Now Iggy’s pulling an Oprah and asking the real questions in the song.


5. And she’s helping us with our spelling.


6. Don’t get me started on the music video. Only Iggy could recreate the 90s classic Clueless in a 3 minute music video.

7. I mean she had the yellow plaid skirt and matching blazer.

200 (4)

8. And the virtual closet.


9. Even Obama loves Fancy

Fancy may be overplayed but it deserves to reign supreme as the 2014 song of the summer. And to anyone who questions Iggy and Charli’s hit song I have one word for you. Whatever.

200 (2)

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