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Your V-Day “Single Woman”: 5 Reasons Serena Needs To Be Alone

February 12th, 2011

She’s dated her step-brother. Her other step-brother loves trying to sleep with her. Serena’s hooked up with a married man, her childhood friend, an artist, her friend’s fiancé, her step-brother again, her teacher…and pretty much all of Manhattan. And she’s dumped them all.

Who’s with me in saying Serena van der Woodsen should stay single for awhile on Gossip Girl?

Click to find out why going it alone is probably the best thing that could happen to this Upper East Sider this St. Valentine’s Day! And don’t forget to check out our playlists for LOVERS, the BROKEN HEARTED, and our SINGLE PEEPS!

1. DADDY ISSUES: we found out why she was jumping from man to man to man to man to…well, you get the idea. She wants a daddy. After her parents divorced she had no stable male figure in her life. But a string of disposable men won’t fill that whole Serena dear. Finally realizing you don’t need a man to complete you is what you need.

2. GET A JOB: what does she do all day long? You see Blair, Dan and Nate talk about school. Serena dropped out of uni once already, and when she was enrolled she was dating her professor. Serena – educate yourself please. Say what you will about Blair and Little J, but they’ve always known they wanted to be career women. What does Serena want?

3. FAMILY: Serena, remember the mother you hate? The one who got Ben out of jail (okay yes, Lily put him there in the first place). What about that brother of yours that tried to commit suicide and started doing drugs because no one paid attention to him? Or Dan who always waits for you…but you never show up? Remember them Serena? No? I’m not surprised.

4. SLEEPING AROUND: being single will keep Serena bedding all Manhattan. She literally is legendary on that show, isn’t she? Whoever her family doesn’t approve of is the one she’ll end up with that night. Maybe she should stop challenging her mother and realize these guys are all wrong for her. Except Dan. I like him.

5. GET A LIFE: Blair has her power-businessman agenda. Little J wants to be a designer. Vanessa is a writer/freedom fighter. Dan’s a journalist, Nate’s an athlete (sort of…I think they dropped that hobby…but the point is he had a hobby) and Chuck runs a bunch of hotels. What does Serena do? I’ll tell you. NOTHING. Get a life hon.

What do you think? Tired of the same old Serena stories and wish she would try something (not someone) new? Let’s hope Ben sets her straight and makes her realize there’s more to being rich than fine dining and parties.

Don’t miss an all-new episode of Gossip Girl Mondays @ 9PM ET/10PM PT following Pretty Little Liars only on MuchMusic.

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