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You’re gonna want to get to work on this Workaholics marathon!

December 27th, 2013


We’re gonna be honest with you guys. Working here at Much is pretty amazing. And you know what’s the best part? Being able to work in a work place that airs Workaholics. Woahhhhh. #inception.

Checkpoint Gnarly
After a wild night of drinking with the boss’s brother, things go bad when they hit a DUI checkpoint.

The Strike
When Alice won’t give the guys time off for a fake holiday called Half-Christmas, they decide to go on strike for better benefits.

Straight Up Juggahos
To prevent Jillian from coming to an important business function, the guys send her on a blind date. It backfires when they have to rescue her from an Insane Clown Posse concert.

To Friend a Predator
A local child molester attracts the guys’ attention, but not, as it turns out, for the reason they expected.

Muscle I’d Like To Flex
Blake and Anders feel left out when Adam falls for a wealthy older woman.

In The Line of Getting Fired
The guys fight to save their jobs when TelAmeriCorp’s CEO decides to liquidate the company.

Heist School
In the second-season premiere, the loss of something valuable sends the guys on an undercover mission at a high school to investigate.

Dry Guys
The guys try to quit drinking for a week after a particularly rough night of imbibing.

An attractive temp at TelAmeriCorp tests the guys’ limits of self-control.

Model Kombat
A rift develops between the guys when Adam contemplates finding work as a model.

Old Man Ders
Ders’ 25th birthday makes him feel old and practically at death’s door.

Stop! Pajama Time.
Mayhem ensues when Jillian becomes the boss at work.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Roommates
The guys are chased by a security guard in Montez Walker’s gated community.

Karl’s Wedding
Karl Hevacheck, aka the Human Genius, gets married.

Man Up
The guys take a “man trip” to get their macho mojo back.

6 Hours Till Hedonism II
In the second-season finale, the guys’ Thanksgiving trip to a resort known for debauchery is in jeopardy unless they can get Blake a passport in six hours.

The Business Trip
The guys plan their first acid trip.

True Dromance
The guys go behind Karl’s back when they find a new drug dealer.

Watch the marathon of Workaholics TODAY on Much’s Holiday Wrap starting at 9P/6E and check out this clip from the show here!

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